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about us.


Necessity is the mother of re-invention.

Identify the problem. Picture a solution. Talk to people that'll use it. Make it simple. Make it here. Make it cost-effective. Make it make sense.

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Who do we think we are?

Well, we thought we were a microphone company, but that's just because we have some designs, some interesting ideas. When it came to following the success of the LoFReQ, we took a hard look at what led to the success. The process was simple: define the problem, surmise a solution, research the issues, never lose sight of the customer. In short, The success we started with was the process that led to the product.

In doing so, we redefined what we are. We are the process as much as we are the product. The process we followed for the LoFReQ is the same we followed for it's follow-up, the PUQ, and will be the same for everything we do under the Solomon name from here on out. We sell the product, but the process is where the value lies.

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What's next?

Stand on the shoulders of giants. This is one of the tenets we try to live by. Sure, you'll see further into the future, but it also means to us, that we acknowledge and respect those that innovated before. Whatever we tackle next, however we choose to rethink an issue, we will look forward into the future, with one foot firmly planted in the past.


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