Solomon Design.

PUQ cajon pickup specs.


"PUQ" cajon pickup features:

PUQ proof, both.jpg

This ain't no microphone...

As a tactile transducer, this pickup help solve the issue of headroom and outside source interference. By taking the sound directly off the structure, the PUQ gives you more of your cajon, and less of the whats around it.

A 1/4" cable? Why?

Pretty straightforward really... now you can use pedals and steal away some of the fun the guitarists used to horde. Also, you're going to want to plug in to either a DI or pedals, so this'll make it easy.

PUQ proof, both.jpg

PUQ proof, both.jpg

Is that MOGAMI cable or are you just happy to see me?

Yessir! Gotta use the best cable possible, to keep the best sound possible for honest time possible.