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SOLOMON PUQ cajon pickup

SOLOMON PUQ cajon pickup


The PUQ is a first of it's kind solution for the cajon player looking to amplify their sound, and explore new horizons in cajon playing.  Since the PUQ is not a mic, but a tactile transducer that takes the signal directly from the structure of there cajon, the PUQ boasts roughly 30% more headroom than standard cajon mics, and provides better isolation leading to better signal to noise ratio.

Installs in less than ten seconds, and uninstalls in even less time. Outfitted with a Neutrik/REAN 1/4" connector, Mogami cable, powder-coated aircraft aluminum chassis, the PUQ is designed from the ground up for years of use. Ships in it's own metal tin for safekeeping and protected transporting, and includes a protective foam strip and isolating cable tie as accessories.

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